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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

… or at least they should be. I’ll update this as we go on and get more questions.

  1. Will I get seasick? Probably not, but there are no guarantees. We will be sailing in normally calm seas, but everyone has a different level of sensitivity to seasickness. The good news is that there are effective over the counter and prescription treatments that can ease any discomfort. Talk to your doctor before you board. An anecdote: Jeff is prone to motion-sickness and has been on many dozens of cruises. He's only had seasickness once, and just for a couple of hours (during a hurricane!)

  2. I have a dietary concern. What should I do? The ship will bend over backwards to meet your needs. Just let them know what you need, and they'll provide. Sugar-free, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options are available, as well as allergen-free meals.

  3. What currencies do I need? Unless you'd like to collect some local currency, there's really no need to have anything other than US currency, and you'll be able to use credit cards for nearly everything. It's not uncommon for change to be given in the local currency, which is nice for collecting.

  4. How are bags dealt with? It's a bit like the airport, but not as difficult. When you arrive at the pier, people will be there to take your bag either at the curb or just inside the terminal. The bags will be delivered to your room by 7PM. It's advisable to carry on anything you'll need for the night, including clothes to wear at dinner.

  5. Are their restrictions of what I can bring on board? Yes, and some are a bit odd. You are not allowed to bring beverages on board, especially alcoholic beverages, with the exception of 2 sealed bottle of wines. You are also not allowed to bring irons, steamers, extension cords or anything with an open flames. Drones also have restrictions. For a complete list, click here.

  6. I use a CPAP. Is that OK? Yes. Your stateroom attendant will make sure you have the appropriate water for your unit. It's a good idea to let Jeff know if you need one, so he can add a note to your account.

  7. Can I bring a wheelchair or scooter? Yes, that's a common thing. If you'd like a rent a motorized scooter on board, that's also possible. Here's one company who can help with that:

  8. Are there US-style plugs? There are US-style plugs in each cabin on the desk, but there aren't many. The ship is being refit before our cruise, and they MIGHT add USB ports by the beds, but they probably won't be there. Bringing a power bank that you can charge during the day can be helpful. Also, there are many European-style plugs on board, which you can use with an inexpensive adapter like this one. Note: this DOESN'T change the voltage. It's meant for computer and phone chargers that can adapt to International voltage.

  9. How do I get to the ship/airport? Lyft/Uber or a Taxi will have no problem getting you to the ship. Just let them know that you want to go to the Miami cruise port, and that you're sailing on Serenade of the Seas. You may need to show your passport while you pass through the vehicle checkpoint.

  10. What do I do about flights? It's too early to book flights now, but when the time comes, Jeff will send a reminder. You can book airfare on your own, or through the cruise line. Lately, the cruise lines have been offering discounts, and if you do book through them, they take responsibility for making sure your flight gets you to the ship. If you do want to book your own flights, try to arrive the night before or no later than 11AM on the day of sailing (Nov 7). Your return flight should be after Noon on the day we arrive (Nov 21).

  11. Can I bring my own drinks? Each cabin can bring a total of two 750ml bottles of wine or champagne during initial boarding. No sodas, beer, or hard liquor. Any other beverages purchased on shore and brought aboard will be stored by the ship and returned to you on the last day. Looking for another answer? Email Jeff and let him know!

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