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10OCT2023 eDOCS, New Things!, and Packing


Some folks have started a tea-tasting event on our trip, and you're invited. There'll be enough tea for everyone, but if you'd like to bring your own favorite tea to share, that would be welcome! No need to sign up - we'll sort it out on board. 2) DRUNKEN CROCHET Some of the more unruly members of our party have suggested that afternoons NOT be measured out in coffee spoons, but rather in feet of yarn and margarita glasses. Whatever your beverage of choice, if you'd like to bring your crochet or knitting project, or would like to start one, we'll have some experienced folks with us who'd be happy to share their time and talents with you. Again, no sign up - this will be spontaneous on sea days.


Your eDocs are ready, so I'm told. This is a long document that has your official contract with the cruise line, as well as emergency info to share with your loved ones, directions to the ports, etc. It's worth giving it a look over and saving on your phone or whatever. At the end of the document, you'll find your luggage tags. You can print out as many as you need, and bringing a few extra isn't bad. In fact, I often leave them on bags that I carry around the ship in case I leave stuff behind. There is a bit of origami about these things, but you're just folding them into a strip with the information visible - that's it. Don't overthink it. You can attach them to your bags with staples or tape, or you can buy a holder if you really want. ( If you don't want to mess with this, you can just provide your cabin number at the bag drop off, and they'll make you one on the spot. 4) PACKING

One nice thing about cruises is that you can bring one bag or a dozen - they don't care. Folks typically unpack fully and place their empty bags under the beds, using them for laundry or souvenir storage. There are some considerations, however:

  • You still have airports to deal with.

  • You can bring one bottle of wine or champagne on board, per person. That's it. Full policy:

  • You can carry on or check bags. Carry on will go through a TSA-like security check, though not as severe. Your luggage must fit through the Xray conveyor.

  • Your bags should be delivered to your room by 7PM. That's AFTER dinner, so plan accordingly. They often come sooner, but you never know.

  • If you can manage to carry on, you can leave the ship at any time on the last day. What everyone is waiting for is luggage.

  • There's a lot of misinformation about power strips and surge protectors. Bottom line: they're not allowed. That doesn't mean you can't sneak them on board, sometimes.

  • Things that produce heat like candles, kettles, steamers, irons, etc. are not allowed. There is a powerful hair dryer in the room, and curlers and straighteners ARE allowed.

  • Here is the full list of prohibited items:

  • If you use a CPAP, tell your stateroom attendant when you meet on the first day. They will supply you with water.

  • There is laundry service on board. It is expensive. I like doing sink laundry, myself. There is a drying line in the bathroom. Here's full information on what laundry services there are on board. Keep in mind that it can take a couple of days to get your things back:

  • It's a good idea to bring a battery pack to charge your phone. There probably won't be outlets near the bed. Charge your battery pack during the day, and then use it to charge your phone near your bed at night.

  • I love having a fan, and I'm bringing this. Venty! I love it. And it can charge my phone. A video review:

Though many of you are entering fall temperatures, don't put that warm weather gear away just yet! A month from now, you'll be basking in the sun...

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