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21AUG2023-IMPORTANT - LOTS of News & Things to Sign Up For


  1. Canal Woes Royal canceled some Panama Canal cruises, BUT NOT OURS. We are safe. Do not worry. There's a lot going on in the canal right now, but our trip isn't in danger. The lines, drought, etc. don't affect our sailing.

  2. VORTEX! Our meeting area on the ship has been moved from the conference room to Vortex, which is on Deck 13, appropriately. This means we'll have LOTS of windows for our meetings.

  3. SCUBA SCUBA DO! A couple of our fellow travelers are organizing certified SCUBA dives in Grand Cayman and Cozumel. If you're a certified diver and would like to see some of the best dives in this part of the world, let me know and I'll put you in touch. These are very affordable!

  4. CHEF'S TABLE On the night of November 16th, our group has reserved the entire Chef's Table, the most luxurious and formal dining experience on board. There is space for a total of 16 diners, and the cost looks like it will be $100 per person, total. If you've never dined like this before, it's a tasting menu where you don't order, but instead the head chef makes a dish and it's served to you with a wine pairing. I'm pretty sure this will sell out, so signing up DOES NOT guarantee a space. I'll choose 16 people the fairest way I can. Also, if you were ever going to dress up on board, this would be the night. Sign up below.

  5. MYSTERY ESCAPE ROOM I will be bringing a self-contained "escape room" with a murder mystery theme on board. It's a slightly-modified commercial product that should take five people 90 minutes to solve. Your group will take the game to a bar or card room, and I'll tag along to provide support. I'll have a sign up on board for this one. I've played it and it's a good test of your attention to detail and critical thinking abilities!

  6. HUATULCO TOUR I'm going to organize an optional tour with a 3rd party vendor. This will be just our group, and we'll walk with a local guide around the old town, enjoy some local food and visit the shops. Our tour guide will tell us the history and explain Oaxaca is different from the Mexico Americans imagine. Easy walking, takes about 4 hours total, and leaves right from the pier. Cost will be $70 per person, payable in cash to Jeff on board. Signing up is a commitment! Includes "beverages" but not lunch. Sign up below.

  7. AGE RESTRICTIONS Some tours have started enforcing age restrictions, especially for Tulum. If you're affected (Royal will let you know), get in touch with me and I'll offer some suggestions.

  8. CURIOSITY CREW COUNT There will be 59 of us, from 2 continents, 3 countries, 3 Canadian Provinces, 16 states and ranging in age from 23 to 80. Average age is about 57.

——ALL The Things You Can (and Should) Sign Up For——

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