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2023 Visiting Creator Program


Are you a content creator? Travel with us for FREE

Thanks to everyone who promoted this program and a special thanks to those who applied!

Over the past 12 years, the College of Curiosity has created travel experiences all over the globe. Groups of curious people have visited places famous and relatively unknown in the quest for knowledge, perspective and fellowship. Jeff Wagg is the curator and primary contact. 

For the first time, the College of Curiosity is inviting a content creator to join us on our journey free of charge*. We have space for one male† in a shared cabin, and you're invited to apply to join us. 


The Plan...

On this trip, we'll be visiting 8 different cities across 4 time zones on 2 continents in 6 countries. The trip takes 14 nights, and includes three 25 hour days thanks to time zone changes. You'll have the opportunity to interview people in Colombia, explore the cuisine of Costa Rica, swim with stingrays in Grand Cayman or visit the ancient Mayan lighthouse of Tulum.

You'll have your own bed in a balcony stateroom shared by one other male person. (A very nice gentleman from the UK, actually.) The College of Curiosity will cover your cruise fare, gratuities, port charges and taxes, as well as a Starlink Internet connection for your exclusive use. 

Your expenses will include travel to Miami to join the ship, and travel home from Long Beach (Los Angeles), plus whatever you spend on personal things like alcohol and shore excursions. 

The only thing we ask is that you use this trip to create some content. What kind? Videos, blogs, photography, poetry, podcasts—heck, interpretative dance is fine. You get to choose, you keep all the rights to your work, and we only ask that you share what you've done with the group. 


  • Where are the full details of this trip?
    They can be found on the main page, here

  • †Why isn't this open to women?
    The simple answer is that the other passenger in the cabin in male. It could have just as easily been female. And yes, if someone says that they're male, that's good enough for us. ​​We hope to be able to offer this again in the future without regard to gender. 

  • Who will I be traveling with?
    ​​The College of Curiosity is a "college" in the sense that it's a group of like-minded folks. No degrees will be granted! But they tend to be curious, thoughtful, educated (formally or informally), perhaps a bit nerdy. They come from many different countries, but mostly from across the US. We are LGBTQIA+ aware and supportive. On this trip, age ranges from 20 to 80, but the average is probably in the 40s. 

  • *What's actually included?​​
    ​​This is a typical cruise, so all your meals onboard are included, as well as entertainment, fitness center, pools, etc. Drinks, including soda, are not included and typically run about what you'd pay in an average bar in the US. Water, coffee, tea and some juices are included as part of meals. Internet is not free, but we're including it as we figure a content creator is going to need it. We'll also cover required gratuities which cover your stateroom attendant and dining room staff. 

    You're on the hook for your travel to the ship and home, anything you buy on board in the shops, specialty restaurants and meals, and any shore excursions you sign up for. 

    All in all, you'll receive about $3,000 worth of travel. 

  • What's the cabin like?
    You'll have your own bed in a balcony stateroom. It has a private bathroom, plenty of storage space, a couch, TV, minibar and a private veranda. It receives housekeeping once a day. It's smaller than a typical hotel room, but very efficient. 

  • Do you want me to give a lecture or something?
    You're invited to give a lecture or presentation, as that's something we offer for the group. But we're not going to require you to do so. The point of this is provide an opportunity for a creator to create. If that has some application to the group, great! If not, that's fine too. 

  • Do I need to mention you as a sponsor on my channel/blog/podcast/etc.?
    No. This isn't a sponsorship—it's an opportunity. Our only ask of you is that you use the experience to create content. It may be rare in today's world for folks to NOT have a profit motive for their action, but that is the case here.

  • Can I bring a guest?
    Sadly, no. There's space for exactly one person. If you know someone who'd like to come, we do have cabins available for paying guests. (And they're cheaper than what's available at Royal Caribbean.)​​

  • I have some special needs. Am I welcome?
    ​​We will do everything in our power to accommodate you, but please let us know on the application form so we can be sure it will work out. 

  • What are some of the technical details?
    ​​Cruise are administered by Absolutely Cruising, and IATA-registered travel agency and are provided by Royal Caribbean, who is responsible for cruise. Passports that expire no earlier than April 2024 are required for travel. No visas are required for most passengers. There are currently no COVID restrictions. Smoking is NOT permitted in any part of the cabin, but is permitted in a few parts of the ship. 

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